As a full-time working mother of two who supports her full-time working husband in grad school, let’s face it, free time isn’t something I have much of. Still, I refuse to let whole foods and delicious meals fall to the wayside…damn it! I want my family to eat well and I want to really enjoy what I’m eating throughout the week.

I’m constantly thinking of ways to consolidate my efforts to save energy (especially on the weekends when I want to be savoring time with my family) and have found Sundays to be my friend. I look to each Sunday as an opportunity carve out a little chunk of time to prepare some tasty provisions for the week. Food that cannot be easily thrown together on a bustling weekday evening at six o’clock…like roast beets, boiled artichokes, baked sweet potatoes, not to mention the occasional pot pie casserole or roast chicken — all of which get stored in the fridge for the week ahead.

Yes, this sounds like a lot of work on a day that usually consists of shopping, laundry, and play dates, but I find it to be a valuable use of my time that truly pays off. It only feels like I’m overextending myself until I have all of this delicious whole food goodness stocked up in my refrigerator waiting to be enjoyed during the busy days ahead.

What a treat to be able to offer a roast beet salad on a Tuesday night, along with some roast chicken. I can pull out some pre-baked yams from the fridge to put in the oven for ten minutes, drop the artichokes back in boiling water to reheat (in the meantime, whipping up a quick batch of garlic aioli for dipping), then cook up some sausages to go with. Look out, Rachael Ray!

It feels so rewarding to be sitting around the family table in the middle of the week, sharing in a meal that wasn’t pulled out of the freezer and thrown in the oven — one that is gourmet, healthy, and appeals to all of the varied tastes in my family. A bunch of milling around for a few hours on a Sunday really pays off and leaves all of us feeling pretty good.


2 thoughts on “Sundays

  1. love this article. makes me want to sit down and eat a big Sunday dinner. Isn’t this how we should eat every weekend? I think so…that’s what they are for.

    Keep up the good writing… people like myself are eating it up.

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