Petits Pains Au Lait Au Chocolat…and Pizza

Last weekend, Caleb, Sadie and I went over to our friend Cecile’s home, where we spent the afternoon and evening baking pain au chocolat and pizza with she and her children, Eva and Hugo. It was a magical and memorable visit.

Eva and Caleb originally met in the early days of preschool and are close friends to this day. Eva is now attending Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley, where she learned the ‘petits pains au lait au chocolat’ recipe. She was so eager to teach it to Caleb, they had us over for a baking date.

Cecile (who hails from France) and kiddos had prepared the dough the night before and when we arrived, all we had to do was knead, add chocolate, eat chocolate, and bake. Oh, and have fun! We also made an easy pancetta and cheese pizza from scratch…with a little help from TJ’s pre-made dough.

Eating the pizza for dinner, then the chocolate bread for dessert, was the best part. There’s nothing like an afternoon spent with good friends, enjoying bread and chocolate, fresh-baked pizza, and stinky cheese with baguette.

This short video really tells the story of our special afternoon spent together. Apprécier le film (with volume)!

Recipe: Petits Pains Au Lait Au Chocolat


7 thoughts on “Petits Pains Au Lait Au Chocolat…and Pizza

  1. the video is great. you’re becoming a real pro at this blog thing! And Caleb and Eva are apparently becoming real pros at cooking!

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