It’s Been a Bittersweet Rock Road

Although this post is truly about homemade ice cream, to tell you the truth, this year has kind of been a bittersweet rocky road! Very rewarding, yet exhausting. Mateo and I have been juggling two full-time careers, two children under six, and graduate school (Mateo gets his MBA in 5 weeks!!) As rewarding as the pay-off will be, it’s been kind of brutal. I say, what better way to end the year, than to make delicious homemade ice cream and infuse our lives with more sweetness and fun!

I’ve been threatening to buy an ice cream maker for a while now. I grew up with the hand-cranked maker, which I’m convinced was invented by the Amish! You know, the kind situated in a wooden bucket-looking container. You throw the ice and rock salt in the outside compartment, ice cream contents in the inner compartment and your family members take turn cranking the handle on the kitchen floor, while whining “are we there yet!?”…”this is hard!” Not too far off from how we’ve been feeling much of the year.

Over this holiday break, I finally purchased a Cuisinart ice cream maker. I was so excited to use it with Caleb; I invited friends over for dinner almost as an excuse to make a few flavors with him (we love their company too). Over the past few days, we’ve made two fabulous flavors: bittersweet rocky road (apropos of our year of being in the trenches) and chocolate with caramel and bittersweet chocolate chunks.

I love modern ice cream makers! Freeze the container, mix five or six ingredients in a bowl, pour the contents into frozen container, place in electric unit and let it work its magic. Making homemade ice cream is so easy that I’m making the next batch with Sadie who is only two and a half!

We’re bad. We did some product testing before our friends came over and were quite enamored with our homemade concoctions. We were very excited to share our successes with our friends. For the occasion, I bought handmade cones from a local ice creamery to enjoy with our homemade ice cream.

The verdict all around? Homemade ice cream seriously rocks! It tastes incredibly fresh and without added stabilizers, very delicate and very rich.

Here is to a much sweeter year ahead with less on our proverbial plates, more room in our hearts and lives, and plenty of delicious homemade food on our actual plates!

Happy New Year! Thank you for following our blog this past year. It means the world to us.


Anya & Caleb (Mateo and Sadie too!)

Stay tuned for cooking adventures with Sadie…


8 thoughts on “It’s Been a Bittersweet Rock Road

  1. This post is as simple as those few things that went into the ice cream.

    You weave through your memories and this Cooking with Caleb episode in a way that it tells the story for you. A modern ice cream machine replaced the hand-cranked bucket of your past but not the thrill or pride for a kid making it in the kitchen at home.

    I love the fun you had with the wording – “bittersweet” and the “hard” rock salt and “amish” inventors. Caleb will have these memories to share with our grandkids when they are downloading an ice-cream maker app in about 25 years or so.

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