No Dumpling Left Behind

On Sunday, our family needed to do something out of the ordinary. Our weekends have been feeling predictable and routine as of late, so we jumped in our car and headed over the bridge to San Francisco for an adventure.

Mateo and I both grew up going to Mountain Lake Park in the Richmond District and we thought it would be fun to bring Caleb and Sadie there. For the middle of winter, it was a beautiful, sunny day and it seemed like the perfect place to be.

Once we arrived at the park, our kids immediately took to the sprawling play structure. We then walked down to the little lake and shared our childhood memories of the park with Caleb and Sadie. It was really something special sharing a beloved spot from our childhood with them and watching them enjoy it as much as we had.

Goofing off and running around the playground earned us a good appetite, so we walked over to Clement Street. After first visiting Haig’s Delicacies (our favorite middle-eastern / specialty food shop), we stood in line at Good Luck Dim Sum and came away with a pink box packed with delicious dim sum. I enjoyed the standing in line part, to be honest. A bunch of dedicated dim sum devotees holding onto our little pink menus, all helping each other out with suggestions and helpful translations.

With dim sum in hand, the family trekked back to the park and found the perfect sunny spot on the grass for a mid-winter, Northern California picnic. The sun was out, the grass was dry, and we were surrounded by happy dogs, sunbathing twenty-something’s, and a few other families enjoying themselves as we were.

After pure enjoyment of our dim sum goodies (we’ll call it “No Dumpling Left Behind”), we opened up a package of fresh, marble halva that we purchased from Haig’s. My kids had never tried halva and loved it like I do. I took pleasure in their enjoyment of the rich, sweet, chocolate-infused sesame seed dessert.

Yes, I know, my family eats a lot of dim sum! I’m sure you’ve caught on by now. But, it’s so good and the kids love it. It’s an inexpensive and delicious lunch or dinner treat, and very accessible in the Bay Area. It was so easy to pick up a box of our favorite dumplings and take them to the park to enjoy with our kiddos. I would highly recommend partaking in a dim sum picnic some weekend soon! Keep a blanket packed in your trunk for such a wondrous occasion!


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