Mission Possible

Our family awoke on Saturday with no particular plans for the day. Long overdue for a food adventure, we hopped on BART and headed for San Francisco’s Mission District. Mateo and the kiddos had never been to Tartine Bakery on 18th and Guerrero, and none of us had been to Bi-Rite Creamery. We had our Mission.

We arrived at Tartine and joined the long line of loyal worshipers, making conversation as the line drew closer to the long counter of countless baked delights. It was a simple decision…one double pain au chocolat, a bowl of bread pudding topped with summer fruit, and an artful latte to ooh and ahhhh over. We wanted to sample everything, but needed to save room for our next food destination. We were on a crawl. Well-sated, it was time to work up round two of our appetites. Off to the playground at Dolores Park, just three blocks away.

We walked past the San Francisco Mime Troupe (a permanent fixture at Dolores Park), up the hill past the taco truck and crowds of sun worshipers, and arrived at our destination. Perched on the top of the hill, the newly updated playground has a million dollar view of the San Francisco skyline. This is truly one of the best playgrounds we have ever discovered. Mateo and I were challenged to pull the kiddos away from the countless play structures when it was time to leave.

We headed back down the street, first to the famous La Cumbre Taqueria for an authentic Mission District burrito, larger than a newborn baby. Unfortunately, the food was a letdown. It would seem that they are riding on a reputation that was earned long ago, as our food was “meh” at best. However, it was hard to feel too disappointed with all of the wonderful food offerings surrounding us. It was time to crawl on to Bi-Rite Creamery for some soft-serve.

On such a beautifully warm San Francisco day, there was nothing more right than a swirl of chocolate and strawberry piled high on a soft-serve cone. Mateo placed Caleb on his shoulders, I pushed Sadie in her stroller, and we headed back to the East Bay with happy bellies and wonderful memories of our food adventure in one of San Francisco’s oldest and most colorful neighborhoods.


6 thoughts on “Mission Possible

  1. Is Bi-Rite ice cream really worth waiting for in those ohsolonglonglong lines?

    When you are craving Mexican in SF, try our favorite: San Jalisco. Corner of South Van Ness and 20th St. Family owned, lovely servers. Wonderful decor, good food. Chuck always orders one of their (weekend only) soups: Posole (pork and hominy), Birria (goat), or Menudo (tripe). He’s not interested in the weekday flavors. Homemade tortillas.

    I always order the flautas, usually chicken, rolled in deep-fried tortillas, with crema, guacamole, salad, refried (non-greasy) beans, rice. And their flan, my favorite of all the regional different flans I’ve ever tasted, homemade in the East Bay by an aunt, is delicioso, very dense. Open daily.

    Sometime we could meet you and family there, for a weekend lunch? Very family-oriented. Love, Von

    • Great suggestions for our next Mission adventure! Bi-Rite Creamery was fun. We didn’t have time to wait in the unreasonably long line for the ice cream, but the soft-serve line was much shorter and it was fun and tasty. I love your suggestions and would gladly take you up on a Yvonne-led tour of the Mission for our next trip.

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