A Farewell Summer Menu

My little sous chef and I rolled up our sleeves this afternoon and whipped up a delicious and most-gratifying Sunday dinner. A farewell menu to summer, making use of some of my favorite late-summer ingredients.

I was so impressed with how familiar Caleb was with the pesto making process, how eager he was to make our paprika-garlic aoli recipe (which we always serve with our artichokes), and how adventurous his palate is…he practically inhaled the roasted tomato on ricotta shmeared crostini. Mainly, I enjoyed being shoulder to shoulder with him in our kitchen (while Sadie blissfully napped away upstairs) at the end of an eventful weekend. The days fly by so quickly. We only have these perfect moments in time.

A Farewell Summer Menu

3-Hour Early Girl Tomatoes Crostini Topped With Fresh Ricotta

Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts Smothered In Organic Basil Pesto

Artichokes Dipped In Homemade Paprika-Garlic Aoli

Sweet Organic Strawberries Enjoyed Whole, Right Out Of the Bowl

Just send me a note if you would like any of these recipes. You’re on your own with the strawberries!


2 thoughts on “A Farewell Summer Menu

  1. Oh Anya, Have there ever been such colors or mouth-ready tomatoes as yours?

    So enjoyed the entire culinary adventure and felt sad that poor Sadie napped through it all. I expect she will have some wonderful bits and pieces after the ball is over! Keep up the lovely work!


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