A Poem for Fall

A Poem for Fall 

by Mateo Soltero

breathing in

the damp scent of the season

we stand surrounded by

the high-piled displays

of colorful, textured produce

of Monterey Market

basil leaves and lemons

the delicate heirloom tomatoes

still on their vine

autumn produce – apples, pears, dark greens

outside is the annual mountain

of pumpkins – kids climbing all over

we sit back watching

watching Caleb and Sadie join

the patchless pumpkin patch

the October sun has cut through

the morning chill that floats

at the edge of the day

waiting to return at night fall

the public is out absorbing the season

and we are eating slices of Gioia pizza

earthy mushrooms and

sausage to make you speak Italian

the koi in the botanical garden beckon

and we lean over watching them swim

in captivating peace

the leaves are changing

Caleb is making music

gently on a set of small wind chimes

days like this

out with our kids, sampling life

they are magic

magic punctuated by

photo-worthy moments

we are as grateful to capture

as we are to experience

this life is our blank canvas

and we are leaving a trail

where we go

like paint strokes

like swaths of color across the day


12 thoughts on “A Poem for Fall

  1. How beautiful you paint the pictures of your wonderful, colorful lives with your lovely family. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. Dear Anya and Mateo, What a wonderful poem and what terrific photos – you really complement each other! Congratulations on a wonderful post –
    Sue : – )

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