Ten Steps to Enlightenment

  1. Pile your family into the car and head off to Point Reyes early on Sunday morning.
  2. Smile as you listen to your children chatting happily in the backseat about nothing in particular.
  3. Thank the Weather Goddess for blowing the fog back out to sea, leaving you with blue skies and sunshine.
  4.  Pull into Point Reyes Station, then head on to the light house with way less than a quarter tank of gas.
  5. Pit stop at the Busy Bee Bakery for a delicious flaky croissant, a stretch break, and a deep intake of crisp autumn air.
  6. Back in the car, head out to the light house and take in the spectacular views of pastures, blue skies, and ocean in the distance.
  7. Take notice of your gas tank’s ‘empty light’ come on and proceed to panic slightly.
  8. Turn the car around about a half mile from destination; offer your kids a rain-check to visit the lighthouse at a later date, then head back to Point Reyes Station for gas and the promise of delectable treats to be had.
  9. Enter Cowgirl Creamery (aka “Anya’s Nirvana”) and purchase an outstanding assortment of charcuterie, bread, olives, stinky cheese, apple juice, and a half-bottle of chilled Chardonnay; and sit outside in the sunlight beneath an olive tree.
  10. Laugh out loud, then look at your family with loving eyes, and realize that life doesn’t get much better than this!


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