Greetings From Paris




Long story short, I’m in Paris, France (insert equal parts elation and exhaustion here). This is my first trip away from my family and without the kids since Caleb was born, close to nine years ago. I’ve been dreaming of traveling to France and taking a self-guided culinary tour. Flying a family of four here wasn’t in the cards anytime soon so Mateo and I decided to send me off to fulfill a long-standing dream of eating my way through the streets of Paris. So here I am, in the ‘City of Love’, on a reacquaintance tour with myself.

I landed on Monday and I’ve been absolutely in love since the moment I arrived, if not a lot exhausted. I’ll fill you in, in bits and pieces but yesterday was my second day in Paris and after visiting Notre Dame then taking a walking tour of the Left Bank, I visited my first fromagerie (cheese shop), Laurent Dubois, then purchased a baguette from a nearby patisserie, and pate from a surly Parisian (most other encounters with locals have been surprisingly pleasant). With a grumbly belly, I walk to toward the Seine and sat in a park and sat on a park bench facing the river – eating a rustic pate sandwich, nibbling on goat cheese and a pungent wash-rind cheese, feeling like the happiest woman alive.


4 thoughts on “Greetings From Paris

  1. Hi An…what a fabulous picture of you in front of the Eiffel Tower!!!

    So glad to hear that you are having a wonderful time in Paris!!!!

    Take good care, Virg

  2. Hey Anya, You are a brave woman! Good for you tthat you followed your dreams and your family is supportive of them. The photos are awesome and you look sooo happy! Can’t wait for more blogging!
    Love you,

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